Juu is a curated collection
of uncomplicated one-pieces
for exceptional looks.

Juliana is a fashion curator and a dedicated aesthete.
The clothes she would envisage herself wearing were brought to life through Juu, for the seekers of simplicity, beauty and easiness. After several years working in the communications sector of the fashion industry, in São Paulo, London and Lisbon, Juliana decided to respond to a burning creative call. She took a pencil and a blank sheet and started drawing. Juliana believes in slow, silent clothing. An easy, truthful kind of beauty. Clothes designed for women who are great at being themselves. Women who believe in minimal effort and superlative style. Simple, subtle dresses and jumpsuits with an effortlessly cool vibe. One-pieces only, simple silhouettes.
A special way of translating simplicity. A quiet manner of saying so much.

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